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Introductory Course

"You never forget your first flight, running down the hill, each step getting lighter and lighter till there is that one step that doesn't touch the ground and you float off into the sky."

This Introductory course is the first step in making this dream come true. It's great for people who are looking to take up the sport or those who want to see what it's all about. Here's how the course works:

Ground School

You'll start with the ground school. This is a briefing on the theory of flying. We'll explain why things fly, how the glider works and what you must do to make it happen. This way you'll know not only what to do but how it works. (You'll get a set of notes specifically written for this course, that you can review.) Next, you'll get into the equipment and start ground handling.

Ground Handling

Ground handling is where you run with the glider on flat ground. You do this so that you can practice: inflating the glider, running with it, staying centered, turning and slowing down. In other words, practicing all the basic elements of a flight, before you even leave the ground. Becoming proficient in these fundamentals is the most important part of this course. (And we do not skimp on your experience or your safety!) When you find that you can consistently inflate the glider, run with it, steer smoothly and slow the glider down, you'll be ready for your first flight.


Confident is how you want to feel. This is where you'll be glad that you spent the time to do it right. You'll have flight plan for each flight so you'll know what to do and your Instructor will guide you on the radio as you fly. Depending on the weather conditions and the hill we use, your flights will be a minute or two long. You'll get a number of flights to practice launching, steering, landing and just enjoying the sheer pleasure of being airborne!

Cost: $325

Contact us to get signed up! A $50 deposit reserves you a spot and we'll send you your “Read Ahead Notes” and liability waiver. Last minute? Call us and we'll fit you in if we can.

Other Questions

How Long?
This course is usually completed in two days. Weather may extend the course to a third day.

What to bring?
Wear cloths suitable for the weather of the day. Bring a wind layer for flying. Light gloves are nice. Include your best pair of boots. Ankle support is great. Have water and food with you. A gallon of water in quart containers and snacks to keep you going. Bring your camera so you can show your friends what you're up to. We bring the all the flying equipment.

Where do we fly?
Sand City, CA.

Introductory Course Video

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