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P2 (Novice) Certification Course

The Certification Course is the next step after taking the Introductory Course. In the Intro Course you learn the basics, enough to get you flying under supervision. In the certification course you learn all the skills necessary to fly without supervision and earn your Novice level certification.

The two basic elements of this course are the practical and the theoretical. The majority of the course is spent on the hill developing your flying skills. You’ll learn the basic skills of flying the glider. You’ll practice launching the glider using the most effective techniques, learn to control your glider smoothly without oscillation and spot landing your glider in a predetermined place. You’ll fly in varying conditions so that you’ll be familiar with the changing weather and be able to recognize appropriate and inappropriate conditions for flying. We cover entire list of tasks required by the United States Hang Gliding Association to become a novice rated pilot. However, we go beyond the minimums to include additional flying skills and theoretical information.

In the theory classes we cover: aerodynamics, glider control, weather, rules and regulations, critical situations and simulated reserve deployments. We visit some of the communities resources to make you theory lesson more tangible and well rounded. We have designed work sheets and notes specifically for this course. We believe that only the most knowledgeable students can become the best and the safest pilots.


This is a proficiency based course. You will complete the course when you’ve fulfilled all the required tasks and passed the certification test. A typical student can finish the course in ten flying days. However we do not rush our students and you will proceed at the pace you are the most comfortable with. Your schedule and the weather will have a lot to do with the time it will take.

Where Do We Fly?

Sand City, CA.

Do I Have to Buy a Glider?

The short answer is: Yes! It is not possible to rent gear in the U.S. We’ll start you on our training equipment but, you’ll want to get your gear early in the course to take the best advantage of your time under instruction. This way, we will be teaching you to fly the equipment you will be using in the long run. As a participant in our certification course you are eligible for a number of discounts that we and our suppliers offer. We have a full line of flying tools from the essentials, like gliders, to gearhead extremes, like GPS driven flight instrumentation. Used gear is also available for those on a budget. We will track down right used gear for you and save you from getting burned in the tricky used market.


We are committed to our student and hope to have a long term relationship with all of our students. Any student of our Certification Course who buys their equipment from us, is welcome to fly with the school as long as they like. This way, although technically on your own, you’ll still have the resources of the school and your Instructor to help you as you work on later ratings.

Can I take the Certification Course with out taking the Introductory Course?

These two Courses are designed to be taken consecutively. Our Introductory Course is actually the first two days of the Certification Course.

Cost: $1400

Certification Course Video

Training Hill

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